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50cc - complete concert video

50cc - complete concert video


Here is a high-quality HD film of the complete 50cc 10cc tribute concert at Stockport's Garrick Theatre, taken from both performances on June 24th and 25th 2022. The concerts were a unique tribute to the music of Lol Creme, Kevin Godley, Graham Gouldman and Eric Stewart. Songs include 'deep-dives' from the '60s to the '80s, Godley & Creme's solo career, classic 10cc album tracks and of course all of the hits!  You'll be able to buy a digital 'voucher' which will allow you to download or stream a high-quality digital video file of the entire concert - nearly three hours' worth!


PLEASE NOTE: the video file is very large - 10 gigabytes - so should be done onto your computer.  It will obviously take some time to download! Your purchase will also come with a free YouTube link if you prefer to stream the film instead. One section of the film (featuring a video backdrop) may not play on YouTube in your country due to copyright issues.


ALSO: if you can't se your confirmation email in your inbox, please look in your spam/junk folder! The download links will be in the email.


For the first time ever, I'm Not in Love was performed with a live mix of 15 vocal loops recorded by 40 volunteers.  That's 700 vocals in total!  Also, the musicians performed a 30-minute 'Consequences Suite', featuring a 3-man 'Gizmorchestra'.  This has never been attempted on stage before. In fact, the shows featured over a dozen songs that have not been performed since the mid-1970s, or indeed ever before.


For track listing details and technical credits, please see 'Additional Info' below.


We truly hope you enjoy our labour of love!


50cc featured performances by:


Eric Baumgartner

Matt Buckley

Owen Johnstone

Paul McNulty

Sean Macreavy

Paul Roberts


With special guests


Phil Lukes

Dom Waters

The Hayes Sisters 

Ric Neale

Carol Jason

Johanne Levy

Aretta Baumgartner

Chris White's 'Mistress'



  • Further information about your download

    This is an HD (1920 x 1080) video file with high fidelity audio. Your purchase will give you a download, and a private YouTube link to stream the film instead, if you prefer.


    The 50cc 10cc tribute concert features:


    * A 30-minute 'Consequences Suite', including the world's first-ever 'Gizmorchestra'

    * 'Deep-dives' from 1960s to 1980s, including a medley of Godley & Creme solo singles

    * Classic 10cc album tracks

    * All the 10cc hits!

    * Guest performances from The Hayes Sisters, Ric Neale, Dom Waters, Carol Jason and Johanna Levy.

    There are many songs that have never been performed live, and this is the first ever live gig to feature more than one Gizmo, as well as 700 vocal loops being played live on stage!


    Shot by Rob Salmon and Luke Brown (thanks Phil and Ric for the phone footage!)


    Live sound by Tom May, Finn Kinsella Morris & Chip


    Intro music by Russ Hobbis


    Video editing, animation and graphics by Sean Macreavy


    Audio mixing by Sean Macreavy


    Audio mastering by Owen Johnstone


    Show produced by Paul McNulty and Sean Macreavy


    Thank you to all of our listeners, subscribers, collaborators, bakers, helpers, sponsors and audience!

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