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An incredible "reverse-engineered" tape mastering project for Kōya Belharra's wonderful 2024 EP


You know that studio masters used to be mixed from tape onto tape, right? And that now masters are made from digital to digital? But what about if we master from digital to tape and back again to capture some of that indefinable magic that tape brings?


This was a wonderfully enjoyable mastering project for the marvellous four-piece band Kōya Belharra. Their new EP is delicious. And a perfect contender for analogue! We're praying for this to come out on vinyl. 😲🙏 

A new promotional and information video for Alvechurch Village Hall

We so enjoyed working with Alvechurch Village Hall in March on a new video promoting its wonderful spaces and facilities. It's a gorgeous venue. (And our Sally's voice-over isn't so bad either. 😉 )

Huge thanks to Jan and Andrea for making this project such an enjoyable breeze!

Macreavy Media partner with University of Worcester's Association for Dementia Studies with four films on Extra Care Housing

Rob and Sean have recently had the pleasure of working again with ADS over the last few months. The DemECH project is a major piece of research, focussing on many aspects of the impact that Extra Care Housing has on people and families affected by dementia.

Our travels took us to housing schemes in Oxford, Croydon and Birmingham, and the process of editing down 18 long interviews into three short films was a proper mission! Extra Care Housing is something incredibly special, and has hugely improved the lives of all the residents we met.

Our very own BSL interpreter Sally signs for headline acts at the Big Feastival

Such a fun and proud weekend! Sally Macreavy and her fellow interpreter Rachel Tipping stormed their BSL signing turns at Alex James from Blur's Big Feastival in Oxfordshire. They interpreted kids' bedtime stories, celeb cooking demos and the three headliner sets by Sigrid, Tom Grennan and Blossoms. It was a massive thrill to experience the final day at first hand from backstage!

Macreavy Media working in partnership with Orfactor Productions' new venture - welcome to SnappyAds!

Our longtime colleague, the very talented Rob Salmon of OrFactor Productions, has launched his new business, and we're thrilled to be partnering with him on many of its exciting projects so far! SnappyAds is a fresh new concept in professional quality promotional video, shot efficiently and quickly by experts, and turned around in lightning speed. With huge expertise in all Video, Photography and Audio Services. The results so far have been stunning, and Rob has already attracted clients from the leisure, health, childcare, fitness, legal, business, finance and IT sectors. We expect big things! 

Video and audio techniques include:


  • 4K Broadcast-quality video

  • Ultra-smooth Slo-mo and tracking shots

  • Drone footage

  • Classy interviews with perfect quality audio

  • Cinematic cut-away footage

  • Professional voice-over

  • BSL sign language overlay

Have a look at some of the many videos that have become core content on our clients' landing pages, with content ranging from explainers, 'About Us' introductions, FAQs, product ranges and moreSimply click on each company image below to see how they've incorporated our films into their branding and messaging:

SnappyAds collage.jpg

We're embracing the best of AI for photography, graphics and audio 

As a multi-faceted media business, we always want to stay in touch with trends in the multimedia industries and the tools that can help us to achieve great results for our clients. We've already developed advanced skills in manipulating and generating speech, images and audio using some of the incredible new AI tools, such as , ChatGPT, Bing AI and Photoshop Beta 'Generative Fill'.  All of these applications and packages need skill, judgment and patience with the right prompting to master properly. You have to tread VERY carefully... As the age-old IT motto goes, 'Garbage In, Garbage Out'! Human creativity, imagination and skill are the key, and machine learning merely helps us to achieve details and assets that would be otherwise impossible or indeed more time-consuming (and expensive) for our clients. We're proud of our unique creative input - HUMAN INPUT! - into all of our Video, Photography and Audio Services.

We can deliver special results, whether it's restoring or expanding precious or important images - personal or corporate - or audio. Do you have old tapes for instance, where speech is inaudible or unintelligible?
Or a one-off demo or live tape that was mixed poorly? Or you need a top-quality karaoke version of an old recording for live performance? Plans for a striking image that says something truly unique? We can help.

Here are some spectacular recent examples, including a synopsis for a Shakespearian play entitled 'The Tragedy of Boris and the Plague'. EVERY word was written by the new BING A.I.


Sean Macreavy AI voiceResemble AI
00:00 / 00:09

Sean Macreavy Media has just won 'AV Production Company of the Year – Central England' in the national Prestige Awards 2022-23! 

Sean, Rob and the team are thrilled with the award. Thank you, Prestige Awards! 

Sean Macreavy Media Prestige Award 2023.jpg
Prestige Awards AV Production Company of the Year - Sean Macreavy Media.jpg

Three major video production commissions from the University of Worcester's Association for Dementia Studies for promoting Meeting Centres in Worcestershire

We've had a long-standing partnership with ADS in Worcester, and this is a major project aimed at promoting and evaluating Meeting Centres – community based innovation supporting people living with dementia. The centres are truly inspirational places for people with mild to intermediate dementia to meet, socialise and engage in meaningful and stimulating activities. ADS are publishing our first two promotional films early in 2023, to be followed by videos covering far-reaching research projects looking at the development, implementation and success of Meeting Centres nationally.  

SMM Meeting Centres UK.png


Unlocking the 'Leisure Pleasure Principle' with SWL and Rivers Fitness

As part of our long-running  partnership with SWL Group, we've really enjoyed our first project in the Leisure sector, producing video and photography for Rivers Fitness in Evesham and Droitwich. SWL's CCX is an innovative tool for continuous data capture for improving the customer experience.

Sean's 1994 vocal version of Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds instrumental 'Let's Go Away for a While' gets a fresh release after 27 years on a major new compilation album! 

The track will feature alongside such luminaries as Fleetwood Mac, Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs, Mike Love and Bruce Johnston, Frank Black and Jan & Dean on Ace Records, 'Do It Again! The Songs Of Brian Wilson', released on October 28th. Exciting times!

Sean Macreavy Let's Go Away For a While.png
Do It Again quote.jpg

Here you can get a taste for our huge range of Video, Photography and Audio Services  

Find out more about our track record in video production, video editing, photography, website design and content, graphic design, tape baking and restoration. If you want a high-quality, professional AV product to be heard or seen, we've the expert team to produce it!

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A busy summer and autumn at Macreavy Media!

The team have been juggling video production commissions with ambitious musical projects this year. Our musical direction and performance for the unique 50cc concert in Stockport in June was an utter labour of love, and we're delighted to share the full concert film with you right here. We've now decided to make it free-to-view from Friday 14th October. 50cc concert film.

But our core business carries on apace, with a busy schedule of graphics, website and video production work for established clients SWL  and University of Worcester's Association for Dementia Studies. Plus new partnerships with the ambitious and innovative ChatChiropractic, Cognition and renowned Worcester charity Onside Advocacy.

We've also recently taken on some really exciting tape baking and restoration projects, including Netherlands 1980s hitmakers Rockaway Org and i-Scream Music. We're hoping very soon to be tackling some early recordings by one of the most famous and critically admired bands of the Punk era.  Watch this space...!   

We've recently joined the excellent Techhub Social instance at Mastodon, and enjoying trying to understand the revolutionary platform and its 'fediverse'!  We're now verified here: <a rel="me" href="">Mastodon</a>

Our Mastodon page:

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