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A bit of politics...

Labour Fantasy Ads.png

Sean has recently become much more politically active, particularly via the wonderful, fresh and thriving platform of Threads. His series of #fantasylabourads is a personal, hopeful (and solo!) attempt to will our next government into nailing its true values to the mast. To honestly embrace more humane policies for our whole society, not just "boxing clever" around right-wing talking points and their Tory/Reform-voting fans. It's nothing more than honest, wishful thinking...

We know that Labour needs to get into power to bring about change, but even more than that we need a government that is truly committed to undoing *all* of the damage done by the last 14 years of Tory neglect, ineptitude, corruption and abuse. Please feel free to download any or all of these for sharing on social media. We desperately need a General Election NOW, and we hope that these fantasy adverts will add to the growing voice. Simply click on any of the images, and you can use the download or share icons. Thanks, and good luck! ❤️🙏

Note: these "ads" are simply memes created by Sean Macreavy, and have absolutely no connection whatsoever with the UK's Labour Party. They're topical, tongue-in-cheek and satirical; and they're also totally not. 


Fantasy Labour Ads

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