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If you've enjoyed watching this free YouTube video, please consider donating a little to our JustGiving page. There were substantial costs in producing, mixing and editing this film!  Any amount, however small, will be very gratefully received! Many, many thanks. 


And of course, huge, huge thank yous to the many people who have purchased the full high-quality downloads of our concert video and audio. We'll endeavour in the next few weeks to make available some freebie exclusives for you. Those high-resolution downloads are of course still available here:

50cc full concert film - exclusive
high-quality HD video and audio downloads

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Simply click on either of the photos below to order your exclusive download/s of this unique tribute to the wonderful music of 10cc.  Both full video and audio-only are available. Every song from the concert is included - and that's nearly THREE hours' worth! You can read some incredible reviews here from customers and members of 10cc!  Check out some video previews here...

The concert features:

* A 30-minute 'Consequences Suite'

* 'Deep-dives' from 1960s to 1980s

* Classic 10cc album tracks

* All the 10cc hits!

There are many songs that have never been performed live, and this is the first ever live gig to feature more than one Gizmo, as well as 700 vocal loops being played live on stage!

Thank you so much for your interest in our labour of love!  Best wishes, 50cc.

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50cc Reviews
Lol Recent.png

well…what can I say?

'Well…what can I say?

My afternoon just disappeared on a megatrip down memory lane.

It was absolutely amazing, I am stunned. I am also extremely flattered by the genuine affection and commitment everybody put into the production of that show. I loved it, and was happy and deeply moved by the wonderful memories that you brought back to me.

Bloody great…well done everyone, and especially to you two nutters for persevering with this stuff for years!

I take my hats off to you both, and thank you sincerely for sending this to me.

I wish you the very best, 

with a big fat hug, xxxxL'

LOL CREME, August 2022

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50cc Eoghan Lyng review.png

A few reviews from 10cc...

'A great choice of songs treated with love and enthusiasm.'

Graham Gouldman, 10cc

'This is outstanding! What a tremendous accomplishment! I understand why it's taken a while to put this together properly. I know Kevin will appreciate this, I'm sure Lol will as well. You really pulled off something that nobody ever thought possible.'

Aaron Kipness, owner of Gizmotron, USA

'Well that was a remarkable accomplishment... What a huge investment of time and effort. Well done. I wish I’d seen it in the flesh. You covered an extraordinary range of material and it must have felt good knowing that much of it had never been performed before... 

I particularly liked the Kev and Lol stuff you did. I don’t know Consequences very well but like all their 10cc songs, they certainly have a unique twist that stands the test of time. It was amazing to hear the Gimzo so comprehensively in action. 

I thought that performing I’m Not in Love, playing the voices like that was bold and inspired. It worked very well.

A big pat on the back.

Rick Fenn, 10cc

'I’m Not In Love... the live performance of the loops worked really well! 


I love how deep you’ve gone into the catalogue, you’re very brave men! Well done for taking on such a huge project.'

Iain Hornal, 10cc

50cc videos

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