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Some of our tape restoration reviews

Sean’s done a great job ‘baking’, restoring & digitising reel to reel tapes by my old band Yachts (whom none of you will have heard of) and The Christians (whom some of you might’ve heard of)...some of these tapes date back to 1977, and they’ve all been restored perfectly...

Perhaps I need to release them!

Thanks so much, Sean!

Oh, and we made a film:

Henry Priestman, 

- Yachts, The Christians -

From the Strawberry archive, a previously-unheard full version of an early mix of 10cc's I'm Not In Love. What genius to have realised that less was more for the final version! Thanks to Sean Macreavy Media for baking the tape and transferring the sound

Peter Wadsworth

- The Strawberry Archive -

I had a set of old multitrack master tapes that I was going to transfer to a DAW. The only problem was they were quite badly shedding. I sent them to Sean who baked them for me in his specialist tape baking oven. Now they are playing back perfectly. Sean turned them around in a day too, which was amazing and greatly appreciated.

Phil Bourne

I've just had a whole bunch of 80s Ampex reels baked and remastered by Sean - what a brilliant service. Retrieved so much audio (as well as forgotten memories) and all turned around in a few short days. Great communication and all at an extremely reasonable cost. If you've got some tapes you need bringing back to life, Sean is your man.

Lee Beddow

Great full on music geek couple of days for me. Transfer of unique 46 year old studio reels was never going to be easy. Baked in an oven first to give them the best chance to transfer reel to reel, all recordings were preserved and sounded absolutely amazing, just as if we were back in that studio in 1977. Thanks to Sean Macreavy

James Williams

- The Clash, 1977 -

Big holler out to

@SeanMMedia who magicked some of my nearly 50 year old tapes into the digital domain. My first couple of electronic compositions and an early 80’s funk workout, shudder! Thanks Sean, (and he’s a gooner)

Paul Kendall

- Ex-Recoil -

Sean digitised Kevin McDermott’s analogue archives, including original Popgun/Suede Crocodiles demos, and early sketches of the Suffocation Blues and Mother Nature’s Kitchen albums. Some of the tapes that needed restoration were nearly forty years old and contained the only recordings of specific tracks. Sean baked the ¼” reels before digitising them to .wav and MP3 files. He then filmed the process and supplied videos. The file-sharing of the digitised material was simple and efficient, and the quality was outstanding. He provided faithful transfers of the material in the first instance, but also provides mastering services, which was great. Communication with Sean was clear, timely, friendly and helpful. The process from start to finish was an adventure, and Sean’s enthusiasm for audio restoration is contagious. Thank you so much.

Julie Gilbey 

- Kevin McDermott -

FANDANGO! sound! 

You've done it!!!!!!!!!! ALL GOOD.... Clear and bright...THANK YOU!!!!!!

Mike Jewell

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