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SELFie where's the HARM?

SELFie released nationally on November 16th 2018 via Times Educational Supplement!
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'SELFie where's the HARM?' is a powerful and moving 25-minute docu-drama focussing on young people's mental health.  Commissioned by Malvern Hills District Council, the film features the dramatised stories of a number of young people, some of whom develop mental health problems.  It is aimed not only at young people, but parents of children from aged 10-16 years old.  Based on a successful stage production written and directed by dramatist Jacquie McGonagle-Turner, it toured dozens of schools in the West Midlands.  Jacquie and Sean Macreavy co-directed the film adaptation.


The emphasis is on knowing the signs of mental health problems, such as self harm, depression, eating disorders and anxiety, and finding or offering support.  Both Jacquie and Sean are qualified and experienced educators.  As a result, the film and its accompanying lesson plans and learning materials will prove to be a valuable resource in schools and the community. 

Please contact Sean Macreavy Media on the contact form or email address below for more information, or go direct to the TES Resources site to download the resource.

SELFie where's the HARM_--9
SELFie where's the HARM_-2-2
SELFie where's the HARM_-2
SELFie where's the HARM_-1
SELFie where's the HARM_-1-5
SELFie where's the HARM_-1-4
SELFie where's the HARM_-1-2
SELFie where's the HARM_-1-3
SELFie where's the HARM_-
SELFie where's the HARM_--3
SELFie where's the HARM_--6
Louis stairs
SELFie where's the HARM_--4
SELFie where's the HARM_--2

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