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Harnessing A.I. in creativity and workflow

As a multi-faceted media business, we always want to stay in touch with trends in the multimedia industries and the tools that can help us to achieve great results for our clients.


We've already developed advanced skills in managing automated workflows, manipulating and generating speech, images and audio using some of the incredible new AI tools, such as , ChatGPT, Bing AI and Photoshop Beta 'Generative Fill'.  All of these applications and packages need skill, judgment and patience with the right prompting to master properly. You have to tread VERY carefully... As the age-old IT motto goes, 'Garbage In, Garbage Out'! Human creativity, imagination and skill are the key, and machine learning merely helps us to achieve details and assets that would be otherwise impossible or indeed more time-consuming (and expensive) for our clients. We're proud of our unique creative input - HUMAN INPUT! - into all of our Video, Photography and Audio Services.


We can deliver special results, whether it's restoring or expanding precious or important images - personal or corporate - or audio. Do you have old tapes for instance, where speech is inaudible or unintelligible? Or a one-off demo or live tape that was mixed poorly? Or you need a top-quality karaoke version of an old recording for live performance? Plans for a striking image that says something truly unique? We can help.


Here are some spectacular recent examples, including a synopsis for a Shakespearian play entitled 'The Tragedy of Boris and the Plague'. EVERY word was written by the new BING A.I.!

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