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SELFie reviews and testimonials

Ted Dunphy - author

"At a time when mental health funding is being diluted, diverted and distorted to pay for more dramatic issues in the health service, this film is a crucial reminder to parents, teachers and all those who work with the young to look beyond the surface and find the real SELF that may be cowering inside the shell they have constructed to defend themselves against the world we have created."


Helen Whately, MP and Chair of APPG for Mental Health

“This film will be a valuable tool in raising awareness and helping people to spot the signs of mental health problems.”

Dr Frances Howie, Director of Public Health, Worcestershire County Council – 

“This is a great resource to assist children and young people to develop resilience around an important issue.  I would hope that all schools play their part in getting this [film] to be seen by as many young people as possible.”


Adrian Price, Headteacher at Tenbury High Ormiston Academy 

‘A superb production, all the more powerful because it is  written and made by young people for young people.’


Catherine Eastwell, Reach4Wellbeing Team Leader, Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust-

“Challenges perceptions… thought-provoking”


Cllr David Chambers, Leader of Malvern Hills District Council – “It is so important to provide young people with the support they need and I believe this film, alongside the teaching resources, will be able to create awareness amongst themselves so they can recognise the signs and understand what support is available and where to find it if needed.”


Cllr Bronwen Behan, portfolio holder with responsibility for community safety on Malvern Hills District Council -

“Mental health issues shouldn’t be something people hide away or are scared to talk about. It is as important as physical health and projects like this will help challenge perceptions and remove the stigma attached to mental health.”

Emma Hempell, parent, Alcester -

"This is a well thought out and produced film tackling an incredibly difficult but important subject. I think every parent, teacher and teen should see it as if it doesn't directly affect them, it will affect someone around them. We can start to change the silence around mental health for the next generation."

Aimee Bowen, drama teacher -

"A well thought out and effective piece! SELFie features all the key aspects of information needed to spot the signs of self harm and mental issues, giving clear indicators to spot to help from an early stage. Powerful and moving. This piece should be in every school around the country!"

Reverend Steve Dunton, St Benedict's Catholic High School, Alcester -

"This is an outstanding resource for schools and other organisations. As a pastoral worker, I'm not aware of anything this good in the UK. I can't recommend it more highly. Sensitive, compelling, authentic, superbly acted and stunning filming."

Judith K Bayliss, grandparent -

"Powerful and moving this film graphically demonstrated key mental health issues faced by our teenagers, and crucially how they may be helped. It absolutely deserves to have 100% distribution in schools."

Louise Poffley - Founder and Creative Director, Project Eileen -

"I was absolutely blown away by SELFie Where's the HARM? It's so insightful, incredibly powerful and moving. I found myself rooting for every one of the characters. What an excellent cast."

Kate Cocker, Mentoring and Training Co-ordinator, Lifespace Trust -

"I enjoyed the film as it  portrayed the mental health issues we at Lifespace are dealing with on a daily basis as we mentor the young people in South Warks. I thought the young actors did a great job and know that it will have a great impact on the young people watching it and then unpacking the issues."

Simon Smallman, Head of Sixth Form, St Benedict's Catholic High School, Alcester -

"A great resource - excellent acting with a very powerful message!"

Stratford Herald (article on film premiere, October 2017) -

"The film and its accompanying lesson plans and learning materials will prove to be a valuable resource in schools and the community."

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