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Rediscover, restore and relive your memories!

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Restoration and digitising of photos, analogue audio and video - audio tapes and cassettes, vinyl records, camcorder and VHS video

We bring years of expertise to help numerous clients retrieve precious memories and artefacts, and relive the pleasure all over again! We're currently working with music archivists in Manchester and private clients all over the country to restore a wealth of rare and historic recordings, some as much as 60 years old. We've even provided the BBC with restorations of historic Light Programme radio recordings from the late 1950s and early 1960s.

We've professionally restored and digitised images and recordings from a huge range of sources:

  • Old or damaged photos

  • VHS, Hi8 and DV camcorder tapes

  • Reel-to-reel and cassette audio tapes

  • Vinyl records (deep cleaned)

  • Tape hiss and vinyl scratch reduction

We've transferred these recordings to a wide spectrum of media, including DVD, CDs, YouTube videos, mp4, mp3 and WAV files. We've even repaired broken tapes, fitting them with new tape reels and cases before rescuing and preserving the precious contents!

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Just pick up the phone for a fair and friendly quote for any transfer or restoration job, however large or small.

Sean Macreavy Media
Phone: 0789 1781 345


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